Cheer coach Kristin Kinnie has high hopes for future of team

By Amanda Lam, Staff Writer

Many changes have been made to the cheer team for the upcoming 2012-2013 season. The new head coach, Kristin Kinnie began coaching our cheer team in the middle of the 2011-2012 season after former coach David Long left the team mid-season. Kinnie has a background in coaching the state championship winning team, Clackamas cheer in 2000 and has high hopes and expectations for the future of the THS cheer team.

“I will be looking to increase the cheerleader’s visibility and involvement at THS,” said Kinnie. “I want all the cheerleaders to have a positive experience and be great role models in the school and community!”

Kinnie hosted open practices through March for girls who were interested in joining the team and cheer hopefuls went through a 3 day audition process on April 9-13. As a result, Tigard now has both a varsity and junior varsity cheer team and is now 30 girls strong. The varsity team (consisting of 18 members) will continue to cheer for the football and basketball team, they will also start participating in local cheer competitions. The 12 girls on JV will also start cheering for the sports teams and competing.

Many positive changes have been made to the cheer team, Kinnie is even planning on taking her varsity team to the OSAA Cheerleading State Championships in February.

“It’s been many years since THS has had a cheerleading team at the State Competition,” said Kinnie. “I’m very excited that we’ll be there this year.”