Tigerettes dominate in large lyrical, pom, and large jazz divisions at Gladstone competition

By Allie Chino, Staff Writer

On Saturday, Nov. 5, the Tigerettes competed in their first competition of the season at Gladstone High School and took home first in all three divisions they competed in. The Tigerettes have been working on their pom routine since the end of August, and their jazz and lyrical routines since the end of September, and their hard work really paid off.Halfway through the first round, the Tigerettes performed their best performance of their lyrical routine to “Teenage Dream” by Boyce Avenue. The team ended the first round with their pom routine to a medley of 80s songs and received an 11 point deduction due to a safety violation but still were able to take home first in the pom division.
During the second round, the Tigerettes performed in the large jazz division, where they were competing against their rival team, Rhythmic Mode from Pendleton High School. The girls were nervous about the performance, but tried to keep positive.

“My adrenaline was going insane! I just wanted to go out and give the best performance, I wanted to nail it to the floor and leave them wanting more!” said senior Kc Pruneda.


While they were performing their jazz routine to “Somebody to Love” by Queen, a dancer’s hair piece fell out, which caused them to receive a two point deduction. After their performance, coach Dave McCall admitted that they did perfectly technique wise, but their projection wasn’t up to par. During awards, the Tigerettes squeezed each other’s hands, nervous and excited to hear the results. They were announced as the first place team in the large jazz division, only 0.11 points ahead of Rhythmic Mode.


During novice drill down, freshman Maddie Mullins made it to the top five competitors.


The Tigerettes are pleased with the results of this competition, but they will be working twice as hard this upcoming week in order to prepare for the Clackamas competition on Saturday, Nov. 12, where they will once again be competing against Pendleton and Tualatin, as well as other teams.