Beating down the Newberg Tigers

By Brett Higgins, Copy Editor

This volleyball season has been an incredibly successful one for our girls. Along with this success came a major change in the way the girls played, which was their change from a 6-2 to a 5-1. Instead of having two setters, the team only has one girl who sets— and it has proven to be a change for the better.

“The 5-1 helps by playing into our strength and giving us more consistency,” said volleyball coach Robert Coelho.

There haven’t been any major injuries this season, but the girls have played through the bumps and bruises they have received.

“There has been a couple injured ribs,” said Coelho. “But thankfully no injuries to the knees or ankles.”

Not even budget cuts could stop the girls from an almost undefeated record (with only two losses from Century).

“We have had to do more fundraising,” commented Coelho. “But we have a real supportive group, and anyways, we’ve had to do a little more, just like everyone else.”

Oct. 20, our girls dominated the Newberg tigers with quick wins for the first two games (winning with 25-10 and 25-16). The last game was an intense battle. At first, Newberg took the lead, easily doubling Tigard’s score with 9-18, but the Tigard girls dug deep and showed their true strength. Girls pulled through until the score was tied at 23-23. Tigard put an end to the game by winning the next two points and defeating an exhausted Newberg.