Tigard comes out on top

By Katie Gentry, Executive Editor

The undefeated Tigard High football team came out ready to show Newberg up in the Homecoming game. After the exciting parade, the game started off with much more excitement.

Junior Zach Floyd ran in for a touchdown after Newberg was forced to punt the ball away. With Tigard up 7-0, Newberg had the ball in their own backfield. Floyd recovered the football after a Newberg fumble and scored again to make it 14-0.

After another Newberg turnover, senior Brandon Wick received a pass from senior Nikolas Freni and scored. Newberg punted the ball away to Tigard. The Tigers took over the ball and moved the ball down to the 15 yard line. However, Tigard threw an interception.

The next play, junior Zach Floyd intercepted the ball from the Newberg throw and ran it in for a touchdown. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 27-0 Tigard.

The second quarter started with Newberg taking the ball. Newberg punted after failing to get a first down and Floyd ran the punt back for a 55 yard touchdown. Newberg again received the ball and were forced to punt to Tigard.

Junior Connor Olson scored by diving into the end zone on a run. The ball went back and forth from Newberg to Tigard and back to Newberg. Tigard had a dominating stop on their own one yard line which kept Newberg shut out for the first half. The score at the half was 41-0.

Starting in the second half, Tigard made another strong stop on their own 35 yard line. Junior Jake Biglow caught and ran the ball for 40 yards. After an interception thrown by junior Sam Stelk, Newberg fumbled on the same play and the ball was recovered by senior Jarrad Schulte. Junior Sam Stelk ran the ball in for a touchdown after almost being tackled by the Newberg defense. Newberg scored and after a turnover by Tigard, the third quarter ended with Tigard winning 48-7.

Newberg quickly scored at the start of the fourth quarter after being on Tigard’s twenty yard line. After two turnovers by each team and the ball going back and forth, Tigard began to move the ball further down the field. When Tigard reached the 25 yard line, senior Travis Hale made a field goal. The final score of the homecoming game was 51-14, keeping Tigard’s undefeated record.