Men’s varsity soccer pulls another win over Forest Grove

By Kari O'Donnell, Staff Writer

Mens’ Varsity Soccer played Forest Grove at home, on Tuesday, Oct. 11. The Tigers expected a win tonight, after beating the same team 1-0 earlier in the season. True to form, the final score of the game was 4-1 (Tigard).

The Vikings started the game strong, scoring the first goal of the match. But Tigard soon came back, and senior Drew Nyberg scored a goal quickly after that. After that, Tigard took over and senior Alex White scored two more goals, making the score at the half 3-0.

The second half was a bit slower than the first half and no one scored, until senior Corey Walker made a goal during the last few minutes of the match. This made the final score 4-0, and gave Tigard the win at home.

“This is the standard we need to play at,” said White. “We are very happy with the outcome of the game, and hope to make it a regular occurrence.”