Tigard football reaches 5-0


By Megan King, Business Manager

Friday, Oct. 1 marked the football game against Forest Grove, bringing Tigard to 5-0 for the season. Another game filled with dedication and hardworking athletes made this a great win for Tigard.

Junior Kaz Greene kicked off the game with a 74 yard run resulting in a touchdown, bringing the score to an imediate 7-0. The game continued with great defense and Tigard took possession in a turnover at the 34-yard-line. Another touchdown by senior Brandon Wick brought the score to 21-0. Finally, after a stampede of offense by Forest Grove, they were able to bring the score to 21-7. Although Forest Grove had a turnover at the 45-yard-line, Wick was able to intercept for a 28 yard run.

By the second half, the boys were able to maintain their performance. With a great block by sophomore Jake Biglow and a run by senior fullback Nolan Friesen help sophomore Manu Rasmussen score a touchdown by the third quarter, bringing the score to 28-7. Fans cheered as Greene scored three more touchdowns, one being a 46 yard sprint, which brought the score to 49-7.

Forest Grove was only able to make one more touchdown before the clock runs out, bringing the final score to 49-13. Another great win by Tigard.