Predicted clothing trends for 2014

Predicted clothing trends for 2014

By Elisabeth White, Staff Writer

Maxi dresses and skirts, combat boots and scarves were all fashion trends of 2013, but it is a new year which means there will be new trends. There are a lot of predictions of fashion trends this year that are already starting.

According to, one of this years hottest trends will be strategic transparency. Whether people wear lace or translucent silk, they predict that people will have an appropriate amount of skin showing through their clothing. also thinks that optical illusion prints will be in style this year. They have a very intricate design that catches your eye. They are artistic and innovative designs and people will be wearing them on t-shirts, pants and dresses.

For guys, predicts that things like baseball jackets and white on white will be in fashion this year. Apparently, people in New York wear baseball jackets and it won’t be long until the trend travels to the Northwest. White on white is super easy and crisp looking. It is just a clean and simple look. says that wordplay and fringing will be in style this year. People will be wearing sweatshirts or t-shirts that say things on them, although the sayings will not always make sense. Fringing was kind of in fashion last year on shirts or swimsuits even, but thinks that this year, everyone will be wearing fringed dresses or skirts even.

Some trends stay and some go away. It will be interesting to see if these fashion websites will be correct about the new trends or if the Northwest will keep the same trends as they did in 2013. Only time will tell.