New outfit ideas for this week

By Amanda Lam, Staff Writer

With the return of Oregon’s chilling air and endless rain, the tendency to reach for your favorite pair of Victoria’s Secret yoga pants or Nike sweatshirt in the morning becomes inevitable. But why not step out of your comfort zone and try out some of this winters fashion trends. Thankfully, this seasons trends won’t require you to leave behind the comfort of your favorite sweatshirt and will keep you warm all winter in cozy knit sweaters.

Here is a week of outfits to try out this week:

Monday: We all know that Monday mornings are dreadful and nobody wants to try to look socially acceptable and so there will be no judgment if you decide to have a lazy day. However there are many ways to still look fashionable while dressing it down. The perfect go-to style for girls this winter is leggings with a loose cardigan paired with a nice pair of boots. An alternative to the usual sweatshirt and sweat pant combination for guys this winter is a flannel underneath a zip up hoodie and a comfortable pair of moccasins. These outfits look effortless and are perfect for getting back into the groove of things for the week.

Tuesday: With an extra 25 minutes to get ready this morning there is no reason to look like a scrub. Try something different and daring like a blazer accessorized with a peter pan necklace. Or if you’re a guy experiment with colored denim matched with a light denim jacket. Tuesdays are always busiest with club meetings on top of your normal classes.

Wednesday: It’s the middle of the week so mix things up a little with a trendy pair of patterned leggings and a simple peplum top. If you want to take a risk, go for a pair of patterned jeans.

Thursday: The weekend is so close now, and with that motivation dress up a little. Bring your favorite black maxi skirt from this summer into the winter paired with a striped top. Guys, make use of the button up shirts hanging in the back of your closet, dress it down with a nice cardigan, khakis, and a pair of Sperry’s.

Friday: The week is finally over and to reward yourself, wear something that makes you happy. Whether it’s your favorite pair of jeans, a new pair of combat boots, or your favorite coat.