Tech teams finish strong

By Teddi Faller, Business Manager

Three Tigard High School tech teams moved on to the First Technology Challenge State Championships. Tigard High School is sending more tech teams on their own than any other high school in Oregon.

Team 4097, “Data Virus”, sponsored by Symantec, Margaret Lang (Team Captain), Aurora Seeber, Jennifer Deets, Taylor Lucas, Janie Anderson and Gerry Hristova, finished tenth overall. Team 750, “Gears in Motion”, sponsored by Mentor Graphics, Tyler Woodworth (TC), Greg Collins, Ty Walsh, Kasey McGregor and Andrew Barnes,  finished thirteenth overall. Team 3058,  “Jury Riggers”, sponsored by Western Precision Products, James Anderson (TC), Cliff Daniels, Chris Andrews, Kail McGrath, Jack Schultz and Jake Bandel, finished thirty-first overall.

“All the students and their coaches learned a lot about teamwork, engineering, design, manufacture, computer programming, power management, electrical systems, documentation and presenting their ideas to varied audiences in formal and informal settings,” said Steve Fulton, tech team head coach. “They met and worked with like-minded students from all over Oregon.   And our proudest moment:  when the two teams that made it to state based on our rework of their robot structure and computer coding made it to the field of play and succeeded.  One placed 23 and another placed 32, but neither would have been there without our direct intervention.”

Next on the agenda for the tech teams is the Oregon Game Project Challenge beginning March 17.