Formal Friday creates a new type of spirit



Skyler Stewart dresses up for Formal Friday.

By Lindsay Gill, Staff Writer

Fridays have been revamped and restyled. A popular trend from last year has resurfaced this year at Tigard: Formal Friday. Every Friday, those who are in the spirit come to school dressed up in their nicest clothes.

One of the initiators of Formal Fridays, Mick Potter, says “It was a weird experience, one day I walked into school on a Friday and saw all of these people dressed in sweats and sweatshirts. It bugs me when people look bad.”

His “weird” experience lead him to start dressing up every Friday with a few close friends. It soon became popular with a group of friends, and then expanded to the theatre kids. Now it is known school wide, whether people choose to participate in it or not. Formal Friday has caught on.

Potter says, “We have these clothes that we only wear to funerals and weddings and I look pretty good in them but how often do you get to wear them? I know I like to look good. I’m pretty sure other people like to look good. Formal Friday is my excuse to look good!”

Olivia Cordell, theatre kid and participant in Formal Friday says, “It’s an excuse to dress dapper, and everything is better when it’s dapper.”

Formal Friday has officially caught on! Are you in the spirit?