Scaredy-cat switches this Halloween

Scaredy-cat switches this Halloween

By Tate Watson, Staff Writer

Halloween is a time when ghouls and ghosts come out to play, providing thrills and chills for those who thrive on fear. However, if you’re a scaredy cat, this time of year can leave you feeling left out of traditional scary Halloween activities. If scaring yourself silly at haunted corn mazes or watching horror movies isn’t your idea of a good time, here’s some ideas that might be more your speed.

A favorite activity for thrill seekers around Halloween is going to a haunted corn maze or a haunted house, such as Fright Town in downtown Portland. If you want to still experience being outside in the fall weather having fun with friends but don’t want nightmares for the next month, try switching the haunted corn maze out with a trip to the pumpkin patch! You can take cute pictures for Instagram holding all sorts of gourds or even have a pumpkin carving contest with all of your friends. Two places that feature an extensive pumpkin patch along with a traditional hay maze, kettle corn, and hot apple cider are Lee Farms in Tualatin and Baggenstos Farms located on the backside of Bull Mountain.

Another “scaredy-cat switch” this Halloween involves going back to your roots. That’s right, we’re talking a Disney Halloween movie marathon. Movies like “Halloweentown” or “Twitches” give you all the fun of a movie watching session complete with popcorn, candy, and fuzzy slippers but without the blood and gore that are almost always featured in popular horror movies this time of year. You can make the night even more festive by baking Halloween treats, such as orange and black frosted cupcakes or pumpkin cookies. Delicious to make and they won’t send you running for cover!

If baking isn’t really your thing but you still love to eat, why not go old school and trick-or-treat? Take a younger sibling or just dress up with your friends and hit the neighborhoods in search of the full sized candy bars. If you think you’re “too old” for this, volunteer to pass out candy at your house. You get to make a kid’s night by giving them candy and no one said there’s a rule against you eating the candy along with passing it out!

Whatever you decide to do this Halloween keep it safe and not too crazy, remember school will still be happening on the following day! These scaredy-cat switches will make for a non-terrifying night and let you still be ready for first period algebra the next day. However, don’t be too scared to go outside of your comfort zone this Halloween! Trying some of the scarier activities will make for some awesome memories and you might even find out you like being scared!