Haunted houses petrify Portland


By Maddie Fiorante, Staff Writer

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means Portland is overwhelmed with haunted house options. But how do you choose which one(s) to attend?

Sophomore Natalie Shaw remarked, “Every haunted house is fun because they only come once a year!”

Each venue is unique. Some are simple facilities with hired actors to wander around in impressive costumes to scare attendees, like Fright Town (located in downtown Portland) or 13th Door (located in Beaverton). These are places where you walk through different rooms with themes, while things and people jump out and sometimes even chase you. Many of these are more frightening than suitable for young children, as stated on Fright Town’s website: “You can pay for a babysitter tonight or a therapist tomorrow.”

“I love them because I find scary things awesome and quite hilarious,” stated freshman Juan Gonzalez.

However much of an adrenaline rush some people receive from a fearsome haunted house, others feel more at ease with a less terrifying experience, such as ‘Scream at the Beach’, a carnival complete with live music and a Halloween theme.

“I have better things to do than poop myself,” junior Bryan Baker commented.

More historical and realistic locations lurk beneath the streets of Portland. An example being the Portland Underground, or more commonly referred to, the Shanghai Tunnel Tour. The tunnels are beneath a bar called ‘Hobos’, and are said to have been used as a captivity for captured and sold men. The tours run during the day and late at night for extra creepiness.

These few samples of haunted houses are just some of several that are within Portland. As for pricing, most haunted houses range from about $9-$30, and are usually well worth it. Visit a haunted mansion, corn maze, tunnel, etc. this season and get your heart racing!