Tigard High School Jersey Out


By Elisabeth White, Staff Writer

Tigard High students will be crowding the stadiums Friday night for the Tigard High School Varsity football game where the theme will be jersey out. This is the first jersey out that Tigard High has had so different people have different opinions on it.

 “It’s so original and I think that it will look really cool,” said freshman Zoya Raja.

 According to Melinda Yarnell, they decided to have a jersey out because it was something new and very unique and there is no other school who does something like this.

“I think that it’s a cool idea because I have some jerseys that I don’t get to use a lot, but it might get cold,” said sophomore Nicholas Gonzalez.

 They came up with the idea for the jersey out by brainstorming ideas that were new and they have never done before and so they came up with the idea of a jersey out.

“I think that it’s very interesting and unique and that is a good quality for our school to have,” said freshman Piper Even.

 Although these three people think that a jersey out is fun and unique, other people think that it is not such a good idea.

“I think that it is silly because they did not tell us very far in advance so only a few people will end up actually doing it,” said junior Janie Anderson.

Also according to Melinda Yarnell, not everyone wanted to do a jersey out, there were a lot of people who did not agree with this decision, but since most of the people did, they followed through with it.

“I think that it is kind of a stupid idea because it is really random and not everybody has jerseys so not everyone can participate,” said senior Ben White.

So even though different people have different opinions, the most important part is that Tigard High School is trying something new and different that they have never done before and they are hoping it works out.