Rant: Boys



Junior Logan Charboneau (not an actual player) poses for the camera as a player.

By Brett Higgins, Copy Editor

You can never figure out a guy’s main motive when he approaches you; Is he interested in getting to know you? In what way? I’m pretty sure he isn’t dying to hear you talk about a history documentary you saw last week.

Plenty of guys are out there for the physical contact—touching, kissing, groping—and will do anything from sputtering sweet “I love you”s to whispering false promises of your future together. The easy part is letting their words stroke your ego. The hard part is watching them pull away. But how can boys be so heartless when it comes to leaving the girl when they get tired of messing around?

Is it because they are still  too immature to actually care about the girl’s well being or is it because they just want the physical pleasure without the emotional connection?

Not all boys are like this. There is that rare two percent in that wide mixture of players that actually care about a girl and will do anything to make her happy and keep her there.

But how do you seperate the players from the boys that will stick around?

It’s the test of time. Players don’t like to linger in one place for long. If they aren’t getting things fast enough they’ll be just as eager to find another girl willing to mess around for awhile. Note that there are the even deadlier patient players out there who are willing to wait however long it takes to get you in the sack before taking off.

It’s a painful reality, but who would want a boy that still has the mind of a horny pre-teen? Nobody deserves to be used and tossed aside so carelessly.