Print books are going out

By Anna Roberts, Staff Writer

There is much debate between eBooks and print books. I’m sorry book lovers, but eBooks are much better! What’s not to love? I’ll give you five reasons.

You can carry thousands of books with you on one device. A reason for the tree-huggers: It is eco-friendly. No ink used, and fewer trees killed.

Next reason: No more glasses! With eBooks, you can change the font size, and zoom in! It is extremely easy to read. You can also change the lighting to your liking, so you can read whenever you want conveniently!

The final reason (the best reason, in my opinion) it is lightweight and thin. It can be a hassle to carry books, but with eBooks, it is no problem.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like to pull out a paperback every once in awhile. There are tons of bookstores, so you can buy them easily. Print books are cheap and you don’t need batteries. With books you can see the pages accumulating, and more pictures!

When it comes down to it, I would pick the eBook. They are extremely convenient and easy. I encourage you, check one out!