23-24 Forecasting materials available for students


Olivia Breen

Tigard releases the Academic Planning Guide for the 2023-24 school year.

By Olivia Breen, Staff Writer

     It’s that time of the year! As forecasting quickly approaches, it’s time to think about your next year at THS. No matter what courses you choose, it’s sure to be an interesting year ahead.
     Forecasting information was shared with students on March 8 during their second block extension class. The window for forecasting opened later the same day for current ninth-eleventh grade students and will remain open until March 17. When asked what advice she would give to students, Associate Principal Mrs. Baran said,

     “It’s a really important process for our students to engage in and to really think about what are their post high school plans, not just ‘what classes do I really love?’ but thinking how our classes are going to prepare you for whatever it is you want to do next. So being really thoughtful as you’re selecting the courses, I also think talking about the variety of classes we offer is so exciting!” 

     There are a few resources available to students while preparing to forecast for next year’s classes, like talking with their counselor or teacher(s), reviewing the 23-24 THS Academic Planning Guide, or looking into what the school’s career center has to offer. Asking questions and reading the 23-24 THS Academic Planning Guide are strongly recommended to students.

     During the forecasting window, counselors will be meeting with students individually in their English classes to discuss final choices for next year. Forecasting is a fairly easy process, once you have chosen courses. All forecasting will be done on StudentVue through the “Course Request” tab. The rest will be handled by counselors, and you will see your new schedule sometime during the summer break! 


Extended second block forecasting video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByM0CB-o4es