The ballots are in: Tigard’s 2022 election results


Rep. Elect Hoa Nguyen

Recently elected freshmen legislators pause for a selfie before orientation. From left to right (in front): Hua Nguyen, Emerson Levy, Thuy Tran.

By Molly Fast, Staff Writer

Election results have been called for many races across the country and Oregon is looking at many new leaders. 

With topics such as LGBTQ+ and reproductive rights at the forefront of debate, the race for governor was closer than ever. The two main candidates for governor were Democrat Tina Kotek and Republican Christine Drazan. In the end, Tina Kotek won the election for Oregon governor and will be inaugurated in January of 2023.  

There are also many new leaders in the local Tigard community. Councilor Heidi Lueb won the mayoral election, becoming the first woman ever to be Mayor of Tigard. 

The district lines of Tigard have also been changed in a process called “redistricting”. Redistricting is done every ten years after the census to ensure each district is around the same size. District 25 is a brand new district that Tigard falls in with an open seat for the Oregon State Legislature.  

Outgoing Tigard-Tualatin School District Board Chair Ben Bowman ran for the open seat. 

I decided to run because I love Oregon and I want our state to be the best place to live and raise a family,” Bowman said. “We are facing several significant challenges that need to be addressed, including homelessness, lack of affordable housing, inadequate transportation infrastructure like Hall Boulevard, a healthcare system that is too expensive and hard to navigate, and a public education system that needs support.”

Tigard Youth City Councilor and senior at Tigard High, Aishiki Nag was actively involved with Andrea Salinas’s campaign for Oregon’s 6th congressional district. 

“My friend and I heard about a group of teens advocating for Tina Kotek called ‘Teens for Tina’,” Nag said. “So we decided to start up our own group called ‘Students for Salinas’ to help bring the youth voice into this race.”

Through canvassing, phone banking, and encouraging people across the district to vote, Salinas won the House seat. 

Newcomer in the world of politics, Nick Hess, ran for Tigard mayor as well, but lost to Lueb.

“I’ve only been in the political world for the last 15 months,” Hess said. “ Even though I didn’t win, I still want to stay involved in politics and gain more experience.”

All of the results were possible because of people who are actively voting and making an impact by choosing their leaders. Taking action in politics doesn’t just start with turning 18; it starts with being aware and making your voice heard. 

“If there’s one thing I can say to people my age, register to vote,” Nag said. “Do not underestimate the voice you have in politics.”