THS responds to a poster hung on Tigard football field fence


Erin Harris

On a clear, fall morning, the flag flies next to the fence where the poster was displayed.

By Molly Fast, Staff Writer

     Early in the morning on Friday, Oct. 21, on the fence of the Tigard High football field, someone hung a poster with four words on it: “This team has rapists”.

    Administration quickly took down the poster before the school day started but not before photos were spread throughout social media. Local parent groups online spent the morning discussing the poster. Around 1pm, an email was sent to Tigard High students and families regarding the poster.

     “[The poster] has caused concern in our community, and we are working in partnership with our School Resource Officer (SRO) to look into this situation,” principal Brian Bailey said in the email. “This is a reminder to our community, the Tigard-Tualatin School District has [a] board policy that mandates all actions taken when any reports of abuse, threats, and/or harassment are made.”

     According to district policy, sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Any report made, whether it be through SafeOregon or directly to a teacher, will be investigated. 

     “[The poster] was a pretty inappropriate thing to put on public display,” Bailey said. “If there is a report we want to follow our steps to report that information so that it can be investigated.” 

     At this time, there is no information on who made and hung the poster. There is also no information on what team the poster was referring to or why it was displayed. 

     “Not knowing who put up the poster, we have no knowledge of why they did it,” Bailey said. “I don’t know if this is our students frustrated at Tigard High School with the way things are being handled.”

     While there is not much information currently surrounding the situation, resources were linked in the email for those who have experienced sexual harassment and want to report. Resource links can also be found on the Tigard High website. 

     Athletic Director Ryan Taylor commented on what the school needs to do.

      “The most important thing for us here at Tigard High is taking care of our student and teacher community here,” Taylor said. “We need to do our best to support our students in situations like this.”