Concordia’s closure shocks students

As news of Concordia’s closure goes around Oregon, current students scramble for what to do after the spring 2020 semester.


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Concordia University has been open to students since 1905. Schools such as Portland State and George Fox have opened their doors to students wondering about their future after the closure.

By Jared Debban, Co- Editor in Chief

     This spring, Concordia University, located in Portland, Oregon, announced that they are closing their doors after the spring 2020 semester. Concordia has been open since 1905 and is now closing its doors after 115 years. 

     The decision was voted on and made by Portland’s Board of Regents.

     “The Board’s decision came after years of mounting financial challenges, and a challenging and changing educational landscape,” Concordia University website stated. 

     This came to the surprise of students, faculty, families and community members alike. Concordia currently has approximately 5,400 undergraduate and graduate students, as well as students that are enrolled online. 

     Students have been cast into a particularly hard spot as they are now forced to find another place to continue their education.

     “I am still trying to figure out what school I want to transfer to, and even if I am going to keep going to school at all for the time being,” former Concordia student Ally Rodriguez said. There are students that gave up other opportunities to go to Concordia, and now they are left trying to figure out where they will go since Concordia is no longer an option. 

     For faculty, they fall into the same type of situation as students, in that they are now looking for new jobs.

     “I’m really disappointed that the church and school would just drop that on all of these students and faculty with such little warning,” former Concordia student James Canfield said. 

     Many other universities around the area are trying to make an effort to help these students that have been stranded by this news. Schools that have extended offers include Pacific, George Fox, Corban and Portland State University among others.

     “I’m not sure what services the school is offering them in respects to finding new schools/jobs, but I know there was a college fair type thing for students and a lot of schools are offering scholarships and waived application fees for affected students as well,” Canfield said. The schools are also going to honor credits completed at Concordia in an attempt to ease the transition between schools. 

     As far as the property goes, the school is looking for a buyer for the property. The property includes the turf sports complex/stadium as well as the entire campus which spans over 24 acres in downtown Portland. The school is surrounded by neighbors who are going to miss being surrounded by the students and being immersed in a college environment.