Thank you counselors!

The first full week in February, Tigard counselors were appreciated for all the work they do; from fixing classes, to listening to students.

By Sophie Fenton, Staff Writer

     Upon entering Tigard, each student gets assigned a counselor to help them navigate them through their high school career. Over the four years, these counselors may become a great resource in terms of college, students well being, and many other things. 

     Feb 3 through 7 is National School Counseling Week. This week is sponsored by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), to celebrate the plethora of work school counselors put in for Tigard students. 

     In celebration of this week, our six school counselors Anna Johnson, Erica Bonilla, Jason Ashley, Leanne Bradshaw, Tammy Gatlin, and Tori Alderman were met with acts of appreciation from those here at Tigard. 

     First, they attended a breakfast of donuts Wednesday morning before school. Additionally, the main office also provided a gift of coffee cakes, chips and dip, and many other finger foods to our counselors. Leadership also showed them gratitude, giving each counselor gift cards and baby succulents as appreciation for their work.

     Throughout the school year, Tigard students have had their counselors to turn to for everything from schedule changes, to personal achievements.

     “[Ms. Johnson] has listened to all of my college woes, and recommended for scholarships. She’s also been someone who I can touch base with, and cheers me on when I succeed,” senior Xavier Tacker said, “I think she was more excited for me to get into college than I was. Shoutout Anna Johnson.”

     Although we are so grateful for the counselors we have, National School Counseling Week isn’t something widely publicized. 

      “I don’t think many students know about the significance of this week.” Counselor Jason Ashley stated. 

       Due to the lack of publicity, Ashley said that he hasn’t received any individual thanks from the students he oversees.

      “Being a school counselor is an interesting job without a lot of certainties,” Ashley said. His favorite part about his job is that everyday is new and that he never knows what to expect when he walks into work. 

      As a Publications staff we would like to take this week to thank all our counselors and the work they put in for us. Thank you!