Crushing on clubs

It’s that time of the year again, club rush is here


Hillary Currier

Last year’s Club Rush drew crowds. Cat Terrell, ’19, talked up Philosophy Club to sophomores Kylee Smith, Faith Heupel, Hannah Southard and Katie Sheasgreen.

By Delena Do, Staff Writer

     Tomorrow school will be operating on an extended 2nd block schedule in order to hold the annual club rush. This annual event gives students an opportunity to explore as many clubs as possible. Students are given 25 minutes to roam around the cafeteria where booths set up by club presidents and officers.

     During club rush, clubs often time will have unique posters, flyers, decorations, presentations, and sign up sheets. Their goal is to inform students about the purpose of each club and to persuade them to join. 

     Tigard High offers many clubs, ranging from astronomy, creative writing, snowboard, speech/debate, and much more, so students are bound to find something that may interest them. A recent count showed over 38 active clubs at the school.

     Interclub Council chair Ellie Hefley has seen the future plans for the clubs this upcoming year and is excited. 

     Clubs are great for meeting people and making connections and I’ve met with a lot of club presidents so far and they are stoked for this year and are planning really good events so get hyped,” Hefley said. 

     There are benefits with joining clubs such as having the opportunity to socialize with people with the same interest or goal and making new friends. Also, certain clubs give their members an opportunity to complete certain requirements in order to earn a cord. As a bonus, many clubs offer t-shirts too. 

     “I think that joining clubs in high school has had a good impact on my life…it has opened a lot of opportunities for me to become a well rounded student and it also helped me find what my interests are and what things I don’t want to do in the future,” junior Rocio Galaviz said. 

     Additionally, it helps build new bonds in the community and open new doors for students who may not know what they want to do in the future. 

     Club sponsors and leaders hope students take advantage of the opportunity to explore each club booth