How art students finish the year–a SMACKDOWN


Shelley Socolofsky

Art Sem I and II students participate in an art smackdown at PCC. It was like a boxing match for painters.

By Delena Do, staff writer

“We were invited by PCC…to be a part of this smackdown. It was like a boxing match for painters and it was THS, versus Wilson High school versus PCC versus Clackamas Community College, and the one rule was we were to paint from a still life which is objects that we have brought in, but we could also embellish however we wanted to. My Art seminar I and Art II students went and they worked for a very long time to practice and prepare because we only had two fifty minute rounds with a halftime in between and we had spectators, a DJ; we also had a spokesperson who was on the microphone kind of walking around as if we were in a boxing match and interviewing us. It was so much fun and these students have worked so hard as a group that their collaboration was like a well-oiled machine….They knew exactly who did what and who was best at doing what and there was even a point where Martha [one of the students] was up on a ladder behind and painting from upside down. It was awesome, it was tremendous and they did a great job.” -Shelley Socolofsky