Forecasting: On paper or online?


Hillary Currier

Sophie Fenton takes a look at the Academic Planning Guide. Students were surprised when they weren’t given their own copies of the guide this year.

By Olivia Young and Jared Debban, News Editor and Sports Editor

Did you miss the Academic Planning Guide booklet this year?

  • Yes, I like a real book to look at. (82%, 45 Votes)
  • No, I'm fine with picking my courses from an online guide. (18%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 55

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Administration has made the decision to take class descriptions for forecasting all online.

    As many students know, each year with forecasting they’re given a booklet detailing available courses, OSAA standards for student athletes, and pathways to complete IB and Honors diplomas. Now, this has all been converted into an 88 page Google document available for each student online only.

    The decision to get rid of the forecasting books was met with little to no celebration from students. Something that students enjoy is being able to flip through the book to look at all of the classes and course descriptions. Instead of having the books, students are forced to scour the online version of the book for their classes.

    “I love the [booklet] because I feel like I can actually read through it and not get distracted. It’s very cut and dry… It’s just a lot more useful to have the physical form instead of having the computer,” sophomore Sophie Fenton said.

    She was given a booklet in her History through Film 2 class, and strongly prefers the tactile booklet over the online document.

    Incoming freshmen will have access to a paper copy of the forecasting guide while everyone else will have access to the online guide.

    “We are following the lead of area districts, making copies available for teachers and counseling but ultimately the books are expensive and not environmentally friendly,” Associate Principal Andrew Kearl said.

    Thus, the reason for the move to an online guide for students.

    “In preparation for the school becoming one-to-one in the next couple years, we’re working to transition everything to become paperless. This was just a step in that direction to create a paperless guide,” secretary Patti Mason said.

    While Mason understands that some students may not like the online version, she believes it’s better for students overall for multiple reasons. One way students benefit is when an error occurs in the booklets. Before, if a course was listed incorrectly, staff would have to rush to make a school-wide announcement correcting the change. Now, the change can be made and updated with ease online for students to see immediately.

    “It’s instantaneous, and people get those updates right away, and everything is accurate to our current knowledge.” Mason said.

    There are many changes coming to the school in the upcoming years–new building, new classes, and now, new forecasting. No matter what students think about the online forecasting booklet, it’s too late to complain. Materials were due at 8:00 a.m. this morning.