Tigerettes take state

It was a second year for first place for these dancers


Kiwi Stainsby

The Tigerettes hold up the state trophy on March 15. They won state for the second year in a row.

By Liz Blodgett, Features Editor

  From the small gym to Red Robins to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the Tigerettes brought their all to every practice, team dinner and competition, and it showed. They took home the gold for the second time in a row. The routine used this year was titled “Paradox.” It was an instrumental piece that had a dark twist that inspired the choreographers to take on a new challenge. The Tigerettes were dedicated to creating a piece that could come to life to the audience.

     Alumna Elissa Boudreau has been coaching the Tigerettes for two years now. Back in 2004-2008 Boudreau was on the Tigerettes and loved the impact that that team had on her life. Boudreau explained how each year there is a different, yet wonderful, vibe on the team that really helps drive them to compete.

    “Each year the team pulse feels a little different. This year we had a really fun and goofy vibe, but the great thing about it was that the goofiness didn’t take away from how hard the team worked and how motivated they were,” Boudreau said.

    For some of the Tigerettes, winning state was a bitter-sweet moment for them. Senior Lauren Denham has been a part of the Tigard dance program for all four years of high school, one on JV and three on varsity. For Denham, this was her last shot to win state again.

    “It was an incredible feeling. It’s hard to describe, but it was a mix of excitement, pride, and sadness knowing it was my last state competition,” Denham said. “I was so proud of my team for all of the work we put into this routine, and it all paid off.”

    One thing that the entire team can agree on is that the family that was created on this team really drove them to success. This was senior Madison Baker’s first year on the Tigerettes. Baker explained that this team fully embraced her from the very beginning, which really added to how she performed.

    “The Tigerettes are truly a family in every way, and I think that makes us special makes us stand out from other sports at Tigard,” Baker said. “I love these girls and just the fact they all accepted me this year was something that really stood out to me.”

    Winning state two years in a row can be very challenging in itself. Senior Edwin Guerrero has been a part of the Tigard dance program for three years now, but this was his first year on Tigerettes.

    “It felt like we had a target on our back at competitions, especially during state season,” Guerrero said. “When you’re at the top of the food chain, there are other people trying to knock you down and claim that title.”

    With four state championships in their history, Tigerettes can now claim the most OSAA state banners in the gym.

Makayla Bell
The Tigerettes perform at Veterans Memorial Coliseum on March 15. They won state for the second year in a row.