Second Open Mic night hits the right note


Liz Blodgett

Junior Natalie Scharn and Senior Kara Petrick perform “Campfire Song Song” from Spongebob to wrap up the 2nd Open Mic Night on Feb. 7.

By Jalane Hailu, Staff Writer

     Last Thursday was the second Open Mic Night of the year. This event allows students to come to the stage to perform music, song, poetry or stories.

Photos from the night can be found here.

     There was an amazing array of performances and acts all night. From bands to solo acts students felt very comfortable signing up and showing off their hidden talents.

    Leadership organized this event. ASB HR Maya Shaker enjoyed the night.

    “I think it went really well everybody seemed to like they enjoyed the night and had fun,” she said.

    The night started and ended on a strong note. There were plenty of musical performances, but the improv. band and guitar solos got everybody talking.

    Not only did they have cookies and hot coco available, but they also created and very warm and welcoming environment. The event was held in the library for the first time.

     Senior Tristan Shugart, who led the improv. session by asking students to give him words to sing, like “hall,” “chemistry,” “Wahl” and “Massey,” liked the new venue.

    “It was cool; I liked that it was in a smaller isolated place, and it was warmer than when it was in the cafeteria,” Shugart said.

    “I really liked the whole vibe in the library, but it was a bit cramped. Next time we might need to move locations,” Shaker said.