Winter formal makes a comeback

The new, old dance is scheduled for Jan. 19


Photo courtesy of Hillary Currier

Throw back photos of the winter formal exist. In this 2006 yearbook page spread, it featured a dance and a holiday court.

By Sophie Fenton

For the first time in over 10 years, Tigard is bringing back the glitz and glam of the Winter Formal.

This dance is highly anticipated by many students. Sophomore Noah Hofmann may have been a little sarcastic or over-the-top when he heard about it, but he was excited.  “The Winter Formal is such a high school thing, and it will really fulfill my overall ‘high school experience,’” Hoffman said.

Themed “Winter Wonderland,” this dance is to take place the weekend after winter break. It will be held in the cafeteria from 7-10 p.m. on Jan. 19. Those in attendance will dance the night away amongst paper snowflakes, twinkling lights, and dressed-up company.

Since this is a new dance for students, they have been asking questions. Is it Sadie Hawkins? What do I wear? Does this mean no Spring Fling?

Kelsie Boschma, ASB spirit coordinator, had all the answers. Yes, it is labeled as a Sadie Hawkins, where the girl asks the guy, but that doesn’t mean a person can’t go solo! Feel free to come with all of your friends, with, or without dates.

“Think HOCO 2.0,” Boshma said, when considering attire for the Winter Formal. This means shorter dresses and nice dress shirts paired with a warm jacket to fight off the cold. As for Spring Fling, leadership is still deciding on whether or not the winter formal is actually a trade-off for the annual spring dance.

Leadership is putting on the winter formal to raise money for future projects and events here at Tigard, but overall their goal is to make an affordable and fun night for all students to enjoy. Tickets may be purchased at the bookkeeper, as well as at the door for $10 with ASB and $12 without.