Tiger Cage still homeless


CJ Hilgaertner

With the option of using the shack ruled out, the Tiger Cage is still waiting for a place to permanently settle.

By Bonifacio Yuzon, Staff Writer

     The plan to move the Tiger Cage to the shack near the cafeteria has been cancelled for logistical reasons.

     “We just couldn’t get electricity or water to there,” Visual Merchandising student Dani Lyons said. After discussing the plan with administration, it was decided that converting the shack into the new Tiger Cage would be too impractical.

     “Basically, we didn’t want to put money into something that was temporary and wasn’t going to be around in two years,” Visual Merchandising teacher Chris McIsaac said. Since the Tiger Cage will not have its own permanent location until construction ends in two years, the Visual Merchandising class has been considering a few other locations to more effectively sell their products.

     “We’re actually looking to move to a different [location]; we just don’t know what it’s going to look like,” Lyons said. While unfortunate, not being able to use the shack won’t be too much of a setback for the Visual Merchandising class.

     “Part of trying to get something up and running is[…] working through all the hurdles that come with it,” McIsaac said. “I’m just looking forward to when all the construction is done and we have a sweet-looking student store.”