Back to the books

Tigard High’s back-to-school assembly welcomed students to another year of study.


Hillary Currier

Students fight for the last seat in a ‘musical chairs’-style game with exercise balls.

The upbeat rhythm of Tigard High’s anthem welcomed old and new faces alike as the student body shuffled past the demolished commons and into the gym for this year’s back-to-school assembly on Friday.

The leadership-organized gathering featured emcees Nicole Mazzeo and Diego Lopez, a performance by Tigard’s cheerleaders, and a few competitive games between students and staff. “It was a good way to welcome students back to Tigard,” junior Kavi Shrestha said. This year’s ASB members were also named and recognized during the show.

The student body seemed to have mixed reactions about the assembly’s overall quality. Many felt that the leadership presentation would have been more exciting had the ASB members been introduced in person, rather than on a dull slideshow. Others criticized the games on the basis that they were put together too quickly and weren’t entertaining enough. A particularly vocal minority was even booing some of the assembly’s game participants from the stands.

But a majority of students and staff loved the assembly just how it was. “I thought it was fun. I was never bored during it,” senior Ellen Hajduk said.

Vice Principal Andrew Kearl was teamed with Principal Andy Van Fleet against two students during an eating and drinking contest. “I actually thought it was really fun for the first assembly,” Kearl said. “I feel like kids really liked it.”

Hillary Currier
Vice Principal Andrew Kearl eats a donut off the floor in a speed-eating contest, taking care not to leave any crumbs.

The back-to-school assembly was planned out by leadership over the past two months, according to their assembly organizer, senior Rachael Schmidt. “I think for the first assembly of the year it went pretty good,” she said. “We can always have room for improvement though.” Schmidt admits she wants to work on incorporating games that the whole student body can better enjoy in future assemblies.

Senior Maggie Ward, who helped with logistics, feels that the school’s assemblies have generally gotten better in her time at Tigard. “We did a really good job at incorporating the audience this year and it has been a good improvement overall,” Ward said.

As is tradition with student gatherings like these, the football season wasn’t the only thing leadership was hoping to promote with the back-to-school assembly. “The main purpose is to bring students together and get excited for the year,” Van Fleet said.

Schmidt shared similar thoughts about the assembly’s message. “Everyone here is welcome and included,” she said, “and we really look forward to all the wonderful things that students are going to do this year.”

No matter what you took from the assembly, or whatever activities you’re looking forward to, the Publications staff hopes you have a great school year.