Homegoing? What’s that?

Hint: It’s just a new term to describe spring spirit days


Dodgeball champs celebrate their win.

What’s homegoing? It’s a new term heard in the halls this week to describe spring spirit days. It is intended to generate the spirit and fun of homecoming only at the end of the year as seniors are close to going away.


Leadership advisor Mckenzie Coulson explained the origins of Homegoing week. “It’s an idea that was created with the understanding of homecoming, which happens in the fall, and was meant to create momentum for the spring. The whole idea was to create some fun activities for students to do during lunch,” Coulson said. “[Leadership member] Lauren McFall got the idea from our state-wide leadership conference.”


Senior ASB spirit leader, Lauren McFall found inspiration when attending a workshop led by Oregon Association of Student Councils. “It’s a really cool event because a bunch of different parts of our class are in charge of different parts of the week,” McFall said.


Her committee was specifically in charge of the spirit days, running powdertuff and making sure that the week went smoothly. The sophomore class was in charge of running the dodgeball event on Monday, May 21 and junior class is running the outdoor concert Ti-Fest on Friday, May 25.


“Throughout the week we have small groups of leadership students doing little activities so one group is running a Jenga game at Ti-Fest, one group is doing a Kahoot game, etc.” McFall said. “So basically it’s a big team effort to make this awesome week happen.


On Monday we had a dodgeball tournament, Wednesday is powdertuff, and Friday is Ti-Fest. Then throughout the week are our spirit days. Meme Monday, Twin Tuesday, Wacky Sock Wednesday, Tropical Thursday––free snow cones at lunches for people wearing beach gear––and Tie-Dye Friday.”


Junior class officer Kelsie Boschma, helped organize the outdoor concert, Ti-Fest, along with the Junior class Leadership committee. At the event, there will be live music, food and drinks from various vendors around the city, a medley of fun activities and booths such as henna and spirit gear.


“Everyone from high school students to elementary school kids to old ladies should go. There’s a little something for everyone and it’s going to be a great way to bring us all together for the night,” Boschma said. “The inspiration is from Lochella, which is an event that Lakeridge and Lake Oswego puts on every year, and we thought it would be cool to create an annual event similar for our school.”