BSU hosts cookout and “Hidden Figures” screening


Haley Mack

Junior Aarie Good and members of the Black Student Union plan for a cookout and screening of “Hidden Figures” to celebrate Black History Month.

By Allegra Wesson

February is Black History Month and is meant to celebrate the achievements, history, and stories of African Americans.


Junior Aarie Good is the president of The Black Student Union, and she wanted students to realize depth of black history.  Instead of solely focusing on slavery, she wanted students to celebrate many achievements and positive events in black history. She worked hard with her club to create a display by the senior benches to help represent that.  


“In our display, our goal was to spotlight a couple lesser-known figures who have been instrumental in the advancement of black history. It’s a reminder of just some of the positive things that have come from black culture,” Good said.


The display has many different aspects: art, music, history and protest. It also serves as a good representation of black history today, which doesn’t get much focus in school.


Senior Haley Mack is another member of the Black Student Union who also wants students to learn about the many different aspects of black culture.


“Black history to me means the celebration of black excellence. It’s a time where we can finally receive the recognition we deserve, and it highlights the positive parts of black culture,” Mack said.


Mack, Good, and the rest of the Black Student Union know how crucial Black History Month is for spreading knowledge and for people to a gain a much better understanding than they had before.


“Although black history should be recognized all year round, I believe the main purpose of Black History Month is to bring our achievements to light and ultimately remember those who have led the way for the progression of black people,” Good said.


Besides putting up a display, The Black Student Union and a few members of leadership are also hosting a cookout with various traditional foods and a screening of the movie Hidden Figures after school on Wednesday, Feb. 28. With the display and these events, hopefully all students can expand their knowledge about black history, even if it may just be a little more.