Human Rights Month is in full swing

Thursday’s assembly to celebrate the month’s focus


By Makayla Schmierer, Online Editor

The student body walked into school on Jan. 2 after winter break to various posters and events going on to showcase unity throughout Tigard High School. HR month is put on by Leadership during the beginning of every new year and is all about creating awareness about certain topics affecting our community today and creating the message that we’re all in it together supporting each other. Each week has a different topic that is linked to events students are able to participate in.


Week 1: Respect for All Week. There was a respect banner where students could pledge to respect each other and every person at Tigard.


Week 2: Refugee Support Drive. Collected hygiene products and toiletries for refugees in Portland! There were Love Louder shirts that came out for sale!


Week 3: Mental Health Awareness. The Student Health Advisory Council will be doing a workshop for Mental Health during lunches, there will be display fact sheets available, and a Slam Poetry on the last day of the week after school.


Week 4: Latin American Week/DACA focus: There is a wall dedicated to DACA students at Tigard to create awareness. Leadership will be selling churros during lunches!


ASB Human Resources and Senior Laura Gonzalez has worked to insure that this month covers all of the topics that are important to the students at Tigard High School in a way that can bring the entire student body together as one. “I think month is important for the school because it helps create unity,” Gonzalez said. “’Love Louder’ to me means loving and respecting each other and speaking out about the things we love to do/are passionate for.” Each year HR committee tries to look for new ways the address the awareness weeks in a way to engage students. Junior Logan Jett looks forward to the HR month at the beginning of the year to get students attention before the semester ends. “It allows people to talk about the topics in our society and opens up a door to conversation.”