A tribute to our veterans


Haley Mack

At the end of the Veterans Day Assembly, students are encouraged to shake hands with the veterans in attendance.

Tigard High students showed utmost respect during the Veteran’s Day Assembly. On Friday, Nov. 3 approximately 60 veterans from all branches of the armed forces attended the annual breakfast and assembly.


Many of Tigard’s own staff members served, including this year’s speaker, Technology Teacher Steve Fulton, On Track Coordinator Cindy Pellicci and Building Specialist Gus Jaramillo.


Jaramillo was in the Army for 28 years and sacrificed a lot for our country. “I’m very proud to be serving this country, especially since I came from another country, and to be wearing this uniform is an honor,” Jaramillo said. Growing up in a family that couldn’t afford college, Jaramillo wanted to do something with his life. When he was 17 years old, he told his mother he was applying for jobs. Little did she know, he was being tested to join the Army. When Jaramillo’s mother found out he was joining the Army, she was sad at first, but after a few years, she was proud of her son. Jaramillo is proud to have served for our country despite missing many important events in his life.


Pellicci served in the Navy from 1999 to 2003, starting as an E1, the lowest rank possible, and working her way to the top rank she could attain in four years, an E5. The Tigard High community knows Pellicci to be a hardworking and dedicated teacher who cares about her students and what they do to become the best person they can be. “I have an innate drive in me to be awesome all the time, and to be the best at whatever I’m doing,” Pellicci said. For example, she received the Navy Achievement Medal for saving the Navy hundreds of thousands of dollars. Pellicci lives to her expectations and inspires her students and staff every day.


The annual assembly shows Tigard High staff and students several things we should all be thankful for in our everyday lives. We love all our veterans and appreciate what they have contributed and what they will continue to contribute to our country.