Moore brings engineering electives to junior hall


By Evan Riley

Based on student input, new STEM elective classes were introduced this year.

Two of these new classes are taught by Kristina Moore who is new to the district this year. Moore has a degree in electrical engineering working for both the Navy and the Oracle Corporation prior to becoming a teacher. She was inspired to be a teacher so she could teach students about engineering and build our next generation of engineers.

“Intro to Engineering is a very fun and project based class,” Moore explained. “We use teams rather than working individually to build projects such as bridges. Students bond to work together and brainstorm ideas to build the best structure. Anyone can take this class to learn about all forms of engineering such as civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering. No prior knowledge about engineering is required!”

Students in the class are enjoying the experience. “Intro to Engineering is really fun and builds friendly relationships with your peers,” sophomore John Tran said. “We do group projects such as building model bridges/buildings and testing the strength of them. I would recommend this class to other students because you get involved with other people and design really cool things. This class also motivates me to continue in a career of Engineering or Architecture when I grow up.”

Moore’s second elective, Computer Aided Design (CAD), covers the fundamentals of three-view drafting, views, and sections. Students learn to develop the use of computer technology for design documentation and learn to use technology softwares to introduce pre-engineering mechanical drafting. If you’re interested in architecture and/or engineering then this is the class for you!