A look at this election’s third-party options

By Caleigh Smith

With all of the news and controversy surrounding the two main parties of this presidential race, many people seem to miss the details of the other third party candidates on the ballot. Based on various polls, interviews, and more, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are by far the most disliked presidential nominees in history, so why not learn a bit more about the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein? Being a political junkie myself, I’m here to teach you the basic facts and qualifications of each candidate.

To begin with the Libertarian Party is essentially a combination of both Republican and Democratic beliefs. They tend to be on the conservative side when it comes to economics and similar topics, while they are much more liberal on social issues such as LGBTQ rights and marijuana legalization. That is why many “middle of the road” voters have leaned towards this party.

Gary Johnson will be listed on the polls this fall as a third-party option. His political experience derives from his former position as the Governor of New Mexico. Many people question his skills and knowledge for the position of president. In a recent interview conducted on NBC, the commentator asked what he would do if elected president about the city in Syria at the center of the refugee crisis, Aleppo. Johnson earnestly asked, “What is Aleppo?” Many have criticized him for that, citing it as an example of his ineptitude.

Many Americans are unfamiliar with the Green Party. Put simply, it is strongly based on social justice for all, environmentalism and nonviolence. They believe each of these topics are the foundation for world peace. Another important detail is that they are very liberal on most issues. Even more so than the ever so popular democratic nominee, Bernie Sanders, who based his campaign on socialism.

The Green Party’s Jill Stein will be listed as the other third-party candidate on the polls this coming November. Although she has no former political experience, she has run several campaigns for multiple political positions, including the 2012 Presidential race. She is an experienced physician, having received two postgraduate degrees from Harvard University.

Whether you can vote this November or not, it is still very important to stay updated on this Presidential race. It will severely impact your future! Whether you prefer the main party candidates or are interested in the third-party candidates, make sure to keep the discussions flowing. This is how we’ll determine the future of our county and mold your future opportunities. Hopefully you learned something new!