Cara Filler touches THS with her story

By Francesca Bazzo

On May 20 Tigard High School hosted an assembly to educate students to prevent car accidents.

Prom 2016 is right around the corner, and it’s one of the most important events of the whole year. Graduation is also extremely close, and with it grad parties are too. Those are really fun events, but they can bring unpleasant events. High school students want to try new things, and some of those are not safe.

For this reason the main topic on the assembly was the prevention of car crashes. The host speaker was Cara Filler, a funny and outgoing woman with a sad story behind her. She lost her twin sister in a car accident when they were eighteen, in the summer after their graduation. This event changed her life completely, from that moment she started talking in high school to help students to prevent accidents and make them aware of the consequences of their actions.

Filler’s speech was better than what the student body was expecting: she mixed fun and serious, making everybody pay attention to her. She has spoken to more than two millions students throughout her life.

The assembly was successful and the student body enjoyed it and understood the consequences of bad choices. “I think it was a really good and effective assembly,” said senior Jumana Ahmad. “I didn’t feel bored at all while listening to her and I hope it warned a lot of people.”

Hopefully students got something from this assembly and will think before making bad decisions behind the wheel in the next month and for the rest of their life.