What, me worry?

By Amanda Aman and Desirae Lewis

THS is providing a workshop and support system for those struggling with anxiety or depression. Its purpose is to give students and parents a better understanding of emotions and how to cope with them.

“We want to give resources to families about how they can talk about anxiety and depression with their teenagers,” said counselor Gwenn Stover. “Anxiety and depression can exist for all of us and it is important we learn how to manage it in healthy ways.”

Anxiety and depression are known to be common among teens of this generation. “I believe the generation of teens today has a larger access to the media than any generation before, and with that comes responsibility and influence,” Stover said. “Social Media is a gift in many ways, but can also be a burden, for it can be a source of stress and definitely contribute to anxiety and depression. Although, ultimately what has always existed and contributed to our mental health are the conflicts we face in our lives such as loss, addiction, and relationships.”

“The more opportunities we create for open conversation on mental health and teens the better,” Stover said. “ Adults need to provide opportunities for teenagers to express their feelings honestly without judgement.

The workshop is open to all families on Tuesday, April 26 at 6:30 p.m. in the library and will be presented by Counselor and Parent Educator Howard Hilton.