Tigard voices sing their way to the top

By Amanda Aman, Student writer

Each year choir students showcase their voices at the Solo Ensemble Contest.

This year the contest was held at West Linn on Feb. 20 and showcased a variety of voices. Sopranos, Altos, Basses, etc sang in front of a judges and few audience members consisting of family and friends.

The experience differs for everyone, but rules apply. If a student competed to go to state, they would have received a score and some criticism. Another option was competing as a novice “competitor”. These students received more advice than criticism, but they did not have the possibility to place for state.

“My favorite part of Solo Ensemble Contest is getting as many students involved and to participate,” said Choir Instructor Robert Hawthorne. “I spend a lot of one on one time with the students to help them prepare.” In addition to the help that Hawthorne provides, a participant should spend time at home and on their own going over their pieces.

“I’ve been teaching for 22 years and have gone to Solo Ensemble each year. It is something I look forward to,” Hawthorne said.

The results were positive for Women’s and Men’s Choralation and soloists sophomore Mckenna and senior Mallory Matheson who are all to go to state competition.  Sophomore Amanda Aman took Second Alternate in Soprano Division.

“My experience at solo ensemble was good,” said sophomore Eliza Boyce, who is a part of the Advanced Women’s Choir. “The judge gave me useful advice that really helped. I am definitely planning on doing Solo Ensemble next year.”

Payton Heintz, another member of Advanced Women’s choir said “It was a good experience, despite the fact I could’ve done better.” Heintz also added she is to compete next year at the competition.

Despite the fact not everyone went off to state, the experience was positive and provided singers with constructive advice. With the help of a strong instructor and commitment one can go far and always improve.