Art revealed


Avonlea Raschdorf

Juniors Hannah Alzgal and Zahra Hashmat pose for a photo titled “No Justice, No Peace”, a photography project by senior Avonlea Raschdorf.

By Kyleen Jones, Student writer

On the evening of March 29 is the opening day of this year’s art show. However, the 30th is the first day it will be open to the public, and it will run until the 7th, informed Mrs. Socolofsky.

The art show used to be called the Senior art show. But this year the show is specifically for students that are testing IB, or  wanting to get PCC credit, said Soco. This year there will be 12 seniors in the show.

The show will be held in the Deb Fennell lobby. Everyone who wants to can come and look at all the different art exhibits put together by the different students. The hours for the event are from 7 a.m. until the doors close at 4 p.m.. As the event is free and open to the public.

There is no specific section of art the whole show is covering. “Each student has developed their own area of research and inquiry. Each student has a theme and all the work revolves within that theme.” said Soco. So, all the students will be showing different area’s of art, whether it be drawing, painting, pottery, etc.

Three seniors that are showing their art this year are Sophie Yusem, Elise Conroy, and Mary Graham. All three of them are excited for their art to be displayed for public vue.

“My project is about human rights. I use a lot of mix media, but I also use clay a lot, and graphite too,” said Yusem.

Conroy’s project is based off a portrait of her dad. “I am using paint, but instead of just painting his portrait I poured the paint and I cut it out. Then I glued the pieces on top of each other, darker in some spots or lighter.”

“I’m looking at the idea of a savage person and then looking onto the uncontacted tribes in the Amazon. How we view them and how they view us,” said Graham. The styles of art she is using include drawing and mostly acrylic painting, but she is also using colored pencils in one of her pieces.

The buzz going around the school about past visits to the art show is that you walk around the displays the students will tell you about their ideas behind their pieces. The art show is the perfect place to learn about different forms of art and how people use them in their own way.