New clubs and new members at Club Rush

By Jacob Jones and Tim Galvan

New clubs held the floor at Club Rush Wednesday, Sept. 23. Baking Club made its debut while Anime Club came out of retirement, and many students were re-joining clubs or joining for the first time.

Club rush2

“We have a few new clubs trying to get started,” said Miss McKenzie Coulson, the advisor of Club Rush.

During Club Rush, every club had new members signing up or returning members from previous years. “I hope newer students will join clubs and older students retain their membership and encourage others to get involved,” said Miss Coulson. “We [leadership] hope students learn about the other clubs and meet the club officers and club leaders.”

Baking Club is one of the new clubs; and during their meetings, they learn how to bake many different kinds of food. The club’s adviser is Mrs. Charlotte Meuwissen. They already have a lot of students expected to join.

“Right now we have 10 confirmed members and three pages of signed up members,” said junior Zane Stites, of Baking Club. They meet on Fridays before school in Room 212.

Anime Club has been revived this year, after they had stopped meeting regularly last year. They also have several students signed up. “Usually we watch one or two episodes of anime,” said sophomore Natalie Ung, a member of Anime Club. “I don’t usually watch anime [at home], but when I do, I watch about three hours.” Anime Club meetings are from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Wednesdays in the Japanese Room (Room 307).

“My friend and I were talking about joining a club and he suggested Youth Filmmaking Society,” said sophomore James Canfield, who was joining a club for the first time.

Check the Daily or Weekly Bulletin for times and dates of club meetings. A list of most of the clubs offered can be found in the Student Handbook.