Let it snow

By Taylor Wilhoit, Staff Writer

A raging storm has swept across the northeast, changing the landscape into a winter wonderland. From Maine to Ohio to Virginia, snowfall averages ranged from one to twenty-four inches or more. Starting on Saturday, the storm has passed, leaving behind problems that accompany 2 feet of snow.

The east coast is much more used to nor’easters- a powerful storm that moves from north to east that covers the east United States and Atlantic Canadian coasts. They’ve come about once a year, with varying degrees of power and damage. Since snow is a much more anticipated precipitate, the people have adapted, being prepared for storms and ready to take action in case of a big nor’easter.

Gloucester, Massachusetts was hit the hardest with a record-breaking 34.5 inches. At the very tip of Massachusetts set on Cape Ann, the fishing city of 28,000 was back on his feet the very next day. The schools are back in session, with a warning to be careful around snowbanks, but people have to shovel out their vehicles while the city clears the two feet of snow from the sidewalks.Other cities received massive amounts- this is Boston’s sixth largest storm ever, with 26.4 inches.

“I wish we got more snow here,” says junior Danielle Jacobellis, who has family living in east New York. “They can’t get anywhere, but the little kids love it!”

Portland, Maine was hit with 23.8 inches. Portland, Oregon has received the expected 0 inches of snowfall this year.