History throughout 2014

By Sydney White, staff writer

Events are constantly changing the world, whether that be for good or for bad. Some years in history are extremely notable for change and major events. 2014 impacted millions of lives.

Though local to some, certain events impact even those across the world due to the severity of the issue. Major events in which occurred within the months of 2014 will impact lives for a long period of time. Events such as the Malaysian plane crash, Ferguson protests, or the effects of Ebola in certain countries were some of the worldwide issues throughout the past year. Starting onto the second month into the year were the winter Olympics, occurring every four years. Though the Olympics didn’t necessarily have a huge impact on the lives of people across the world but for some it was a fun way to kick off the year. Within the same month, a serious occurrence came to notice by those across the country, especially in Africa. Ebola, a rare but fatal disease, broke out in Africa and within months, the disease was brought to multiple other countries including America. Another severe epidemic which occurred was the Malaysian plane crash. In July, a plane departing from Amsterdam crashed in Ukraine. Evidence was collected to support the fact that the plane went down due to being hit by a Russian-supplied missile fired by rebels in Ukraine. As a result of the crash, all 282 passengers and 15 crew members died. Though these epidemics may not affect everyone, they are still important events regardless.

Other events that occurred in Oregon have a more direct effects on Oregonians throughout the state and surrounding areas. Many changes and events, some positive and others negative, occurred throughout the year. Within the month of May, Oregon accomplished a huge milestone with the legalization of same-sex marriage. Oregon became the 19th state to allow same-sex marriage. Another controversial change that was significant was marijuana being allowed under certain circumstances, though not legal until the first of July this year. Within the fall months, Oregonians elected measures to hopefully benefit the future of the state, the legalization of marijuana being one of the various measures to be decided on.

A lot can happen within a year, some changes being positive experiences and others negative. Major occurrences such as the outbreak of Ebola or the Malaysian plane crash impacted certain lives more than others, however they were still traumatic events that left an important mark on the year. The legalization of recreational marijuana and same-sex marriage throughout the state are laws that will greatly impact the future of Oregonians and that will permanently.