2014-15 best and most winners

By Maddie Fiorante, Newspaper Editor

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Worst driver:

Yussef Fakin and Emma Jackola


Best hair:

Omar Pelaez and Leah Perez


Most artistic:

Corey Fusick and Avery Branen


Most likely to make you laugh:

Dan Sacks and Becca Ramirez


Best dressed:

Henry Ammann and Maddie Bickel


Most spirited:

Mark Priaulx and Liz Prouty


Most athletic:

Brady McGetrick and Kaylie Boshma and Ashley Holzgang


Best smile:

Tyler Walker and Kayla Saldana


Most likely to be on reality TV:

Alex Compton and Faithe Wantland


Best laugh:

Brooke Rayfield and Jimmy Ha