America swept up in fear about Ebola

By Amanda Prince, Staff Writer

Ebola is everywhere- on the news, in the newspaper, on the radio, and across the internet. After the past few weeks, you probably know that this is a real and terrible health crisis in Africa, but not as harmful in the United states, where one person has died from this virus.

Americans need to “Keep calm and carry on,” states The Atlantic. For example, Dallas college rejected a Nigerian applicant, and a woman who vomited in a pentagon parking lot and was temporarily quarantined. But what’s wrong with articles and news segments against Ebola by telling the truth? “Two things: First, the non-stop harping about people overreacting to Ebola is turning into another form of overreaction. Second, the coverage of Americans freaking out about the disease, might, ironically, make widespread panic more likely,” The Atlantic.

News organizations that focus on myth-busting are doing good work by repeating the truth about Ebola. But to bust the myths, they are also repeating the falsehoods about Ebola and possibly normalizing panic by reminding viewers, again and again, that America is swept up in fear.