Arabian Night


By Hannah Curry, Staff Writer

Tigard High students were joined together for an ‘Arabian Night’ to remember. This year’s homecoming was a little different, however. Instead of being in the cafeteria like it usually is, a tent was set up in the swim center parking lot.

“It’s really different, and I think it’s kind of cool,” said sophomore Elizabeth Schweitz, “it really sets the mood for our Arabian Night theme.”

The night started off with dancing and students singing at the top of their lungs to many fan favorites including ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by One Direction, and ‘Shake it Off’ by Taylor Swift. Even when it got too hot and crowded, everyone kept on dancing to all the well-known songs with their friends, or took pictures in the photo booth.

About half way through the dance, the homecoming court was introduced along with their dates to dance the first slow dance. They danced to ‘Try’ by Colbie Caillat, and soon after many other couples were dancing along. Senior Jezeth Zaragoza, the 2014 homecoming queen, along with senior homecoming king Kevin Henderson were congratulated by many throughout the night.

“I felt a lot of love from the student section, and I really didn’t expect to win. It was a really nice surprise and I’m really glad that I got it!” said Zaragoza.

Even as the night came to a close, friends kept on dancing the night away and many couples got together to dance the last slow dance of the night. Afterwards, German exchange student, Vito Lawrenz, explained that there was nothing like this in Germany. “Our school is very strict,” he said. “To stay with my friends was fun,” noted Lawrenz as his favorite part of the night. Many students went out with friends after the dance to complete their evening.

With dancing, singing, and hanging with friends, Tigard High had yet another successful homecoming night. Many people liked the new venue outside and even though it was different, they still had a blast on this ‘Arabian Night’.