Support THS and blast back to the 80’s

By Rebecca Ramirez, staff writer

Take a “Journey Back to the 80’s” at the 2014 Tigard High School Auction. Taking place on Saturday, April 26 at the Crown Lake Plaza in Lake Oswego, the auction will be held to raise money for the high school.

Last year, the main focus of funds raised at the auction was the message board in front of the school, which was successfully replaced with a new, higher-tech one. Fundraising this year will also go towards improvements at the school.

Bidders will be able to place bets on wine baskets, candle baskets, coupons to local stores such as Nike, Metro Dance Academy, Jamba Juice, and even park passes to Disneyland Resort. Bidders will also be able to purchase high school parking spots for their students who attend Tigard.

The 80’s themed event will have 80’s music, dancing, a mullet and big hair contest, and more blasts from the past. Tickets can be purchased at