Forecasting facts

By Maddie Fiorante, Staff Writer

Apart from seniors leaving their high school years behind, other students are scrambling to choose their classes and get credits taken care of. Monday, April 28 is the deadline for students to turn in their forecasting sheets to the counseling office. The online forecasting window will be open from Wednesday, April 16 through Sunday, April 27 at midnight. After May 2, students who have not inputted their class choices online will be put into whatever classes their counselors can fit them into.

Incoming juniors and seniors also need to think about completing a separate sheet if they are planning to earn their IB Diploma. If they are only taking one or a few IB classes, the sheet does not need to be filled out.

Also, there are new, re-named, and level changed classes added to the list of class options: Introduction to philosophy, basic design, ceramics 4, AP computer science, wealth management, spanish for native speakers, intro to leadership (which is not on the forecasting sheet, but can be requested), IB biology specializing in cells and molecules, IB biology specializing in organisms, and reading film (formally lit & film). Recently changed is the health 2 class being available to juniors and U.S. history becoming a class for sophomores, excluding incoming juniors.

Remember to get parent signatures and any other ones needed for certain classes. Any questions can be answered by counselors to make the transition into next year easier.