Tigard track defeats Tualatin rivals

By Maddie Fiorante, Staff Writer

A sunny 60 degree day created the perfect weather for a track meet today. Tigard went up against their Tualatin rivals in hopes to run, jump, and throw their way to victory.

And succeed they did. The boys varsity took home a win with an overall score of 79-66 points, while the varsity girls became victors scoring a close 73-72. The efforts of both teams went a long way, according to senior javelin thrower Max Borque.

“Overall I felt our team was performing well. A lot of people I saw were hitting solid throws in the shot put and javelin and they were scoring well,” Borque said.

Winning wasn’t enough for the unphased athletes. Tigard teams won not only multiple events, but also came through with top two and three placings awarded to Tigard. In the 200 meters, junior Landon Floyd earned first with a 23.22 time, followed closely by junior Devin Distant in second and senior Elijah Greenwalt-Simon taking third. Top three winners also went to the womens 100m hurdles with senior Lindsey Rosette in first with a 15.52 time, then junior Kaylie Boschma with second, and third going to freshman Sareena Patzke. Various other events won the teams points, but in the end Tigard pulled through, delightedly beating their challenging opposing competitors.

The track team has their season up and running, and ready to take on more schools in the future.