Mr. Tigard pageant will benefit Tigard High School athletics

By Lizzie Slate, Staff Writer

Boys of Tigard it’s time to dust off those studly suits and fight for the title of Mr. Tigard. The T.H.S. cheerleaders have set the date of the fundraiser for Monday Dec. 16., this event will benefit all sports at Tigard. In order to raise money they will be selling tickets, snacks, and asking for donations as well.

“It’s basically a beauty pageant for the boys,” said senior cheerleader Hannah Henrikson.

The pageant will consist of an interview and a formal wear section where they will try to win the crown.

“I’m looking forward to hear how all of the boys answer the questions,” said Henrikson.

The applications for the pageant were due on Dec. 3, but if you turn if you are still interested in competing, contact senior Tate Watson Wednesday, Dec. 11.