Catch your fire!

Catch your fire!

By Caitlin Britch, Staff Writer

The Hunger Games sequel “Catching Fire” is coming to theaters on Friday Nov. 22.

There are many reasons why people enjoyed Hunger Games, whether it be the actors, plot line, action, or how it keeps you on your toes.

“I like the plot line because it’s similar to that of Battle Royale,” said Senior Fiona Kim, “it’s really interesting.”

Junior Joel Johnson, on the other hand, enjoys the movie because, “Jennifer Lawrence is in it and she’s my girlfriend. I am excited to see her again.”

Many dedicated enthusiasts have been counting down the days for this action-packed sequel to come out to the public. Senior Megan Bither exclaims, “I read all of the books, so I am excited to see how it plays out like the book at the midnight premiere.”

Few critics claimed that Catching Fire is not as intense as the original, however, a majority of critics gave positive reviews and said it kept them on their feet.

The original Hunger Games movie stars actress Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen, who volunteers as tribute for her younger sister to participate in her country’s annual Hunger Games. In the game, selected boys and girls fight each other for survival in a set up forest. Through the adventure, Katniss becomes partners with Peeta, played by Josh Hutcherson. After leaving her boyfriend behind, Katniss puts her skills to the test to impress the injured Peeta, whom she falls in love with. The pair defies the game makers and both win the game. Wanna see what happens next? Well, go see Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire in theaters Friday Nov. 22 and catch your fire!