What happened to Jesus Pizza?

By Elisabeth White, Staff Writer

Every Wednesday, students crowd the small gym for Jesus Pizza. However this year. Jesus Pizza has not been present at Tigard High School, but why? Was Jesus Pizza cancelled because it was too expensive or did too many students complain about the religious aspect of it?

According to Young Life Area Director Erin Olinger, the guy who was in charge of Jesus Pizza at Tigard High School dropped out. Young Life was asked to take it over but they respectfully declined.

“It just wasn’t part of Young Life’s philosophy,” said Olinger. “I feel like kids were only coming for the pizza and not getting anything out of the teaching.”

The dissapearance of Jesus Pizza has been disappointing to some students at T.H.S

“It’s stupid that we don’t have Jesus Pizza because not only do we not get free pizza, but we don’t get to learn about our religion,” said junior Joseph Lea. “I liked having Jesus Pizza because not only did I get to learn about Jesus, but I also got to hang out with my friends from church and share what I believe in.”

A lot of people enjoyed Jesus Pizza for different reasons. Some people liked to meet new people, some people liked the teachings, and some people just came for the pizza.

“It was a really nice program the church offered,” said sophomore Rachel Maddox. “It didn’t matter whether you believed or not, it was for everyone and it was a great way to meet new people.”

The sophomores, juniors and seniors may be sad, but even the freshman who never experienced Jesus Pizza are sad.

“I heard good things about it from the upper classmen and was really excited for it and then I was disappointed to hear that it got cancelled,” said freshman Emily Webster.

Although students did not like that Jesus Pizza stopped, it may have been for the best. It definitely had its perks, but the price of the pizza added up really quickly, people took time out of there day to be at Tigard and some people even had to prepare a lesson.